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Barbara Palvin had the best SI Swimsuit spread this year

02.17.2016by: Droz

I know that's a bold statement, considering how many fine women there are in this year's SI Swimsuit issue. It's not just about the amount of skin on display for me. They all did a fantastic job of letting their goods out without really letting them out. I like to consider my affinity for the model. Barbara Palvin has been one of the better beauties working in the modelling field today. She's gorgeous. It's not very often you see her showing this much skin though, I'm sorry to say. I don't know why she's so infrequently seen with a minimum of clothing. She's so good at being at undressed, as you can see in her SI Swimsuit pics below. As good as the whole of Barbara is, eventually your gaze must wander back up to her eyes again. And that's when she really ensnares you. Girl has always had some kind of Hungarian gypsy powers in those eyes. I'm happy to fall under her spell every time I see her again. The fact that she happens to be sticking her ass out of a tiny bikini only makes her power over me all the stronger.


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