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Barbara Palvin gets her sweet butt all sandy for SI Swimsuit 2017

02.15.2017by: Droz

It was a wise decision on the part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit big wigs to get Barbara Palvin into their celebration of all things T&A. Barbara improves just about anything she gets involved with, be it super hot magazine spreads, or red carpet events, or even just sitting around looking beautiful. That said, I'm a little disappointed by the relative tameness of her 2017 swimsuit offerings. I guess all that amazing stuff she put out at the end of 2016 has left me spoiled when it comes to Babs and her hot body moments. Where is the near total nudity? Where are the barely effective arm/finger bra shots? They appear to be absent. We may have to wait for the inevitable outtakes for those. I'm curious to know if these SI shots were done before or after her Lui and Maxim spreads from last year. It could be Barbara had herself a hotness epiphany since doing these pics and is now hell bent on letting her hottie light shine to its fullest. I certainly hope so.


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