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Barbara Palvin doesn't mind if you see what she's got going on under her dress

10.05.2015by: Droz

Lots of fine hotties turned out for this Vogue anniversary party event. Among them was one we don't post nearly enough of. Barbara Palvin is one of those exceptionally beautiful creatures who I don't think gets enough attention. She seemed to be on a roll there for awhile as a model, doing all sorts of great spreads in popular magazines. Then some other models came up to whom Barbara kind of took a back seat. Granted, I don't know all the facts there. Maybe she's cool with a less hectic schedule. I'm sure all those ambitious newcomers live on a break neck pace to squeeze in all their various photoshoots in a timely manner. Perhaps Barbara's approach is to do less and be a little more discriminating as to how she spends her time. I can respect that. I can also respect Barbara's choice of evening gowns and, more importantly, the style of underwear said evening gown lets us examine. Let me also praise her for actually smiling pretty. Very refreshing amid all these dead faces, which is what models are expected to sport when doing this sort of thing. Barbara tried to conform there, but her inner sweetheart just had to come out. Don't fight that Barbara. Just let it happen.

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