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Bar Refaeli's body has never looked tighter

12.14.2015by: No Cool Handle

I can't stress enough how hot these photos of Israeli model Bar Refaeli are. I'm not sure what wearing a variety of lacy lingerie have to do with the barnyard, but it hardly matters; this full framed beauty has never been as fine as she is here. Tight but not skinny, rocking a busty pair of all natural tits and some of the best legs in the biz. It's always a hope of mine that when crazy-hot specimens like her go on hiatus, their return to spreading sexy spectacles throughout the Internet is a triumphant one. In fact, that's the best way to describe these photos for Agent Provocateur's 2016 Spring and Summer campaign (talk about getting an early start), triumphant. If touting this companies barely-there undergarments is this lady's new niche, I have no doubt she will be successful. She can easily give the hottest of any Victoria's Secret model a run for their money.

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