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Awesome Aussie Nicky Whelan is retro sexy in 9 1/2 Weeks MovieHotties shoot!

02.10.2017by: Paul Shirey

Anyone that grew up in and around the '80's should be familiar with director Adrien Lyne's steamy flick 9 1/2 WEEKS starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Anyone that grew up decades later will likely remember the smart, beautiful, and oh-so-sexy blonde barista from HALL PASS. Marry those two up and you've got the latest Movie Hotties photo shoot, featuring the absolutely stunning Australian beauty, Nicky Whelan, who recreates some of the classic sexy scenes from 9 1/2 WEEKS! 

Whelan has worked steadily as a model and actress, making her splash in the U.S. with such films as HALLOWEEN II, Scrubs, HALL PASS, PARANORMAL MOVIE, Franklin & Bash, Chosen, FLIGHT 7500, LEFT BEHIND, Matador, THE WEDDING RINGER, KNIGHT OF CUPS, Satisfaction, The League, and most recently on the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series! Nicky is full of charm, strength, humor, talent, and is simply stunningly beautiful. Plus, that accent!

Crank up Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on" and take a look at Nicky's awesome pics (and behind-the-scenes video) below!

And you can see more of Nicky on social media here: Twitter / Instagram

Photographer - Jonathan Meiners -
Shoot Producer / Editor - Rusty Eltringham
Producer - Paul Shirey
Executive Producer - Berge Garabedian
Videographer - Daniel Martinez
Stylist - Jennifer Puzzanchera 
Wardrobe - Polkadots & Moonbeams - Los Angeles 
Hair/MUA - Sarah Sass



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