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Ava Sambora walks the runway like a seasoned pro for Baes and Bikinis

07.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

I understand every generation uses slang, but that doesn't keep a "word" like bae from sounding completely stupid. I f**king hate that word. It doesn't even sound like a complete word; it sounds like someone was halfway through saying 'baby' or 'babe' and gave up. That's not even a word, okay, it's a sound, it's what a lamb says. Super cutie Ava Sambora is one of Baes and Bikinis go to girls – they put less thought into the naming of their company than the models they select to represent them – and unsurprisingly, she gave a commanding catwalk performance. This was one more steppingstone for the sexy up-and-comer; only a few more to go before she steps out of her mother's (Heather Locklear) shadow and carves out an iconic niche of her own – there's plenty of room for an ass like that. Baes and Bikinis can keep Ava as their standard-bearer while they go through the process of some much-needed rebranding


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