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Ava Sambora puts on a hot bikini show in St. Barts

06.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

When you have the offspring of two rich and famous celebrities, one who doesn't have to work and can spend as much of her young adult life in a bikini as she wishes, we all share in the spoils. It's easy to look at anybody – no matter who they are – who's had all the breaks in life through contemptuous eyes. Some would say it's jealousy but, truth be told, it's just another unfair action of life that's easy to be angry about. Not with Ava Sambora; she has so much – and does so willingly – to share, so many inclusive ways for all to benefit from the combination of model and rock star DNA. Ever can I watch her live out her responsibility free days wearing tiny bikinis in exotic locales and feel not the slightest bit of envy for her life or pity for my own. Awesome views of her tight, barely legal booty make me feel lucky to be alive during a time when I can bear witness (through endless photos posted on the Internet) to Ava flaunting her awesome anatomical attributes in her prime. Woe unto anybody who considers her just another spoiled rich girl and not the gift to mankind she is.

Source: ns4w


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