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Ava Sambora is one heavenly creature

03.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

The second Ava Sambora began plastering bikini clad selfies on social media, the debate weather or not she possessed the kind of sexual magnetism her old lady (Heather Locklear) had in her prime began. I can only speak for myself, and maybe these pictures have the power to skew my judgement, but, I'm gonna go ahead and make my official ruling on this: F**k Yeah she does. These images from a yet to be known photo shoot are as sexy as they come and Jr. here has a wonderfully curvy pelvic area for such a tiny creature. It may be far too early to pontificate about her ability to reproduce the iconic notoriety of mommy but that should in no way undermine just how frickin fine she is. Speaking of reproduce: It's also worth praising, the great job Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear did at passing along their superior genes while simultaneously blockading any lesser or inferior cellular anomalies; Ava looks damn near perfect.

Source: lazy girls


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