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Aussie hottie Bianca Elouise brings the best ass of the day or any day

07.19.2016by: Droz

There's all kinds of beautiful butts around here to choose from, especially around this time of year. Every once in a while though one comes along and leaves your mouth hanging. Such an ass belongs to Aussie beachwear designer Bianca Elouise, seen here doing her thing in beachwear along some Miami beach along with virtually every other model in the world right now. I'm getting the feeling job titles like "swimwear designer" or "fashion blogger" are placeholder terms used to cover up the fact that hotties like Bianca spend so much of their time in bathing suits that they probably have enough experience to start inventing their own beachwear designs. Or maybe Bianca just likes to be the tester for the stuff she designs. I don't know if this ensemble she's wearing her is hers. If so, she clearly does good work.

Bianca Elouise thick bootyBianca Elouise thick bootyBianca Elouise thick bootyBianca Elouise thick bootyBianca Elouise thick booty

Source: Hawt Celebs


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