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Audrina Patridge's bikini body has that new MILFy goodness to it

12.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I knew it had been a long time since we'd heard from Ol' Ceiling Eyes, Audrina Patridge, the cast member from MTV's former reality show, The Hills, who hasn't been able to capitalize on that success as well as Lauren Conrad & Kristin Cavallari have (then again, she hasn't sunk to Heidi Montag levels either, so there's an upside). Sure, Audrina had her own reality series for a hot minute and was one of the many reality show fixtures to have competed on Dancing with the Stars at one point, but in more recent years the leggy brunette has been focusing on her career as a fashion designer, wearing this bikini from her line Prey Swim (that's unfortunate...) while showing off how well she's bounced back since giving birth to her daughter 5 months ago. I never did watch any of her show, but looking through its details on IMDB, Audrina & Heidi were the two who had the most episodes, so I would have figured that she might be a bigger name than she is. Many she spent too much time looking at the stars (seriously, I never understood what was up with her eyes and I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation for why she is perpetually looking up) instead of striving to actually become one.
Source: Daily Mail


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