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Audrey Bouette is your fine-assed, French model in a bikini of the day

12.29.2016by: Droz

If you see an inordinate number of obscure models in bikinis around here in the next few days, don't assume we've decided to switch over to an entirely model-based content scheme. It's just the nature of these days in the latter half of the holidays. Every year around this time most celebrities just seem to disappear. There are no new magazine spreads, or big movie premieres, or promotional events happening. This leaves many a hottie time to go on incognito vacations or simply hold up in their homes. Whatever they do in their brief windows of privacy, it's likely we won't see or hear anything from most of them until well into the new year. Plus, with 2016 seemingly conspiring to eliminate as many beloved celebrities as possible before its run is over, I'm sure more than a few celebs feel it's safer to keep a low profile for now.

The only famous people who can be easily tracked down at this time of year are models. They're literally everywhere there's sun and fun available for the taking. This makes right now an opportune time to discover new hottie faces. Take French model Audrey Bouette here, who decided to spend her time in Miami strolling along the beach in a tiny little purple number. Chances are her sweet little ass would have gotten lost in the jumble, had this been any other time of year. So as you check out her bikini fun and Instagram highlights below, feel fortunate the bigger names stepped aside for a minute.

Model Audrey Bouette Model Audrey BouetteModel Audrey Bouette

Source: GCeleb


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