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Aubrey Plaza upping her sexy game

02.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

Nobody likes to be wrong, however, there are exceptions. I've defended my, "Aubrey Plaza isn't hot"' position on more than one occasion. That is until she showed up to the Art Directors Guild 20th Annual Excellence looking... excellent; really f#*king sexy if I'm being completely honest. Under these circumstances, I'm perfectly fine with saying I was totally off the mark. She looks straight up gorgeous in that revealing, low cut dress, but there is a small caveat. I still maintain she hasn't always looked this good. This is the result of a deliberate reshaping of her image - an evolutionary leap of sexiness. One she obviously worked towards, so I think it a necessary curtesy to acknowledge her efforts with this congratulatory post. I find myself excited about the possibility of future photo sets. It's unlikely she's plateaued; meaning the idea of some full on, fleshy pics, isn't off the table.

Source: Got Celeb


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