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Aubrey Plaza proved a sexy 69 while pitching one in there

07.05.2016by: Droz

One half of our current Face Off competitors, Aubrey Plaza, threw out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium the other night. Of course, being Aubrey, it wasn't going to be your usual first pitch scenario with the celeb half-assing some shitty throw in a jersey. Thus the not in any way suggestive numbering on her jersey and the short shorts and socks. Sexual innuendo aside, Aubrey doesn't have too bad a form here, both as a pitcher and as a hottie. She's obviously got a knack for sports, what with this and her basketball team (called The Pistol Shrimps). These things are not how I picture Aubrey, which is yet another indication of how miserably out of touch I am with her as a real person. I'm sorry, I'm still always reminded of April from Parks & Rec when I see her. April would never do this sort of thing. She'd be sitting in the bull pen, cracking nasty jokes. Actually, April wouldn't even get near the stadium. I swear, one day I will divest this character Aubrey played from the actual Aubrey person. But not today.

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