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Aubrey Plaza hits up the AOL Build Series in funky Moschino shoeprint dress

06.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Just yesterday I was reflecting on Anna Kendrick's Apple Store visit out in New York, wondering why her MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES co-star, Aubrey Plaza wasn't with her. Turns out Plaza was busy with her own interview, only over at the AOL Build Series, where she was caught wearing a super cool Moschino dress that featured bright shoe prints all over it. Normally Moschino stuff is a bit too weird for me, looking like expensive versions of what the people in Korea think Americans want to wear, but this one is dig-worthy.

The other dig-worthy thing? Discovering that Aubrey once had a job where she needed to harass Donald Trump. While on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Plaza explained that when she was 19, she had a job dressing up as Noddy the Elf. "The last job with the elf was at FAO Schwarz; there was an event and my boss at the time said, 'The only thing I need you to do tonight is get a picture with Donald Trump, that's all I need you to do, do it or you're fired.'"

But of course, Trump wasn't having any of it. "He kept shooing me away," she explained. "He didn't want the picture and I kept dancing over to him trying to get the picture. I finally put my creepy elf arm around him and got that picture."

She also got a good deal for Anna when the two went car shopping together, as Kendrick explained during her visit with Seth Meyers.


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