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At least we know Katy Perry's footballs won't be deflated on Sunday

01.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor
In a way, you gotta love Katy Perry, even if you hate her music. She took to her Super Bowl press conference in appropriate Perry attire and wasn't shy about cracking jokes with the pushy reporters, explaining that "nothing in my performance will be deflated" and even taking sides in the match up with comments about only showing up because she didn't want to get fined (a nod to Marshawn Lynch) as well as stating, "I love the Seahawks because of Russell." (That would be Russell Wilson, not her ex-hubby.) In addition to her frisky cheekiness, Perry also detailed that Lenny Kravitz would be joining her in the performance, lions and sharks would be on display in some regard and that the surprise guest will cause jaws to drop and faces to melt. Well, now. I can say this: I've been to a Katy Perry concert held in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California (technically she's from Goleta, but SB claims her) and while you might not love the music, the lady puts on a supremely entertaining show.
Source: USA Today


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