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At least Emma Stone's SNL portraits are always entertaining

12.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
For Emma Stone's third time hosting Saturday Night Live, I was expecting (hoping?) for a lot better than what was delivered this past weekend. I don't actually tune into the aging sketch comedy show when it airs anymore, not with the option of riffling through the clips at my leisure the following day. Also, well, because this shit really sucks. On the rare occasion, usually with the help of a top-notch fan favorite (nowadays that's all Kate McKinnon, nearly all the time), the show can deliver a good moment encased in a bunch of crappy nonsense and in the past, Emma has been a great guest who has only helped to raise the enthusiasm of the cast, but mostly, mehhhhh. While it was awesome in a random, early Shania Twain kinda vibe to see Emma in that big hair wig for that horrible bit singing about regifting a candle, for the most part, the best came from her playing a horny for hotdogs poster chick come to life. The portraits of her for the show are always top notch. But then again, this lady always takes a great picture.

Source: EW


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