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Ashley Smith's toe game is on point in wet white bikini bottoms

12.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Speaking of Instagram models, Ashley Smith isn't quite only an Instagram favorite face, having posed for Playboy as their Miss November 2016, which is both great and a shame. Of course we all know by now that Playboy isn't showing the full monty anymore, so we aren't going to get a view of Ashley's perfect breasts in their full glory. She gets pretty darn close when posting to her Instagram account and wasn't shy when showing off toe so copious, it almost looked fake, while on the beach in Miami. And I've gotta admit, while I don't find the gap-toothed thing hot at all (or understand why it's so f*cking dominant in the modeling industry, especially with runway models), I am always impressed by the girls who take those picket fence smiles and turn them into gold. Or even a good giggle, like Smith did when posing with vampire/demon fangs on Halloween. I guess the gap is for making sucking the, uh, blood, easier.

Source: Got Celeb


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