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Ashley Madekwe is a bewitching nude sneaker model for Reebok

06.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I've only watched the first season of the show "Revenge," mainly because I didn't think it needed to be one of those stories that was dragged out over multiple seasons (the network disagreed and gave it 4 before calling it a night this year). If they'd gone more the "Harper's Island" route, I think I might have been more satisfied with the whodunnit, oh wait... you did, show. One of its highlights aside from the spotlight nabbing leads was Ashley Madekwe, who was featured on the ABC show as Ashley Davenport, the social climber who attaches herself to ice bitch Madeleine Stowe to get ahead. Madekwe has since moved on to "Salem," an original series on WGN, one of those networks that goes right over my head. I find it important to note that while Ashley looks like an overly sexy teen cousin to the Jendashian girls, in actuality she's a 34-year old British babe who could eat any of the weaker American wannabes for breakfast and not break a sweat. In the latest advertising campaign for Reebok, Ash is also doffing her duds to showcase the awesomely ugly kicks the company has put out this year. I don't understand shoes like this. Give me a pair of simple Converse and I'll keep the cost difference, thank you very much.
Source: People


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