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Ashley James turns on her high beams for rainy fashion event in London

05.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
As far as I'm concerned, Ashley James is one of those British models who really doesn't need to ever do anything of note to be noteworthy. While I'd love to mock the troll over at our MovieHotties Facebook page for constantly commenting "needs boobs" on every post with a lovely lady who is less than a D cup, (Hey dude - you need a bigger vocabulary), the simple, sad fact of the matter is that Ashley has a phenomenal set of knockers. I'm not saying that because they're hefty, I'm saying it because they're well shaped, sit well on her frame and look amazing when she wears a tight dress like this one, with those nipples poking out like guiding beacons. She could be a B cup and if they were still as perky and well placed as this set is, I'd still think that she was awesome. The fact that she's adorable as well, looking like a blonde Alexandra Daddario but without that creepy clown smile that Alex sometimes flashes at us, also helps, of course.
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