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Ashley James should be able to grow her fan base with boobs like those

06.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's no formula for figuring out which celebrity hottie will gain a huge following of loyal devotees. If there was, someone could give me a concise answer to - on the surface - what appears to be a straight forward question. Why are so many people going bat shit crazy over Ariel Winter, someone who's looks are on par with any girl you could pick up at your local dive bar, and a heavenly creature like Ashley James can't get half as close to being such a recognized sex symbol? Just look at how f**king well this busty Brit fills out a bikini, then explain that imbalance to me. The whole reason behind obsessing over famous babes is because of the unobtainably hot standard they set; isn't it? Why go gonzo over a girl you can pick up at Target? Who fantasizes about that? That'd be like Alexandra Daddario fantasizing over me - it doesn't make sense. Ashley James soaking her perfect, wet tits in a chlorinated waterfall fits fantasy criteria. To each their own, I suppose.

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