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Ashley James revealing the source of her super powers

03.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

Superman gets his superpowers from Earth's yellow sun, Batman gets his superpowers from technology and all the resources a billionaire can buy, Ashley James gets her superpowers from a truly show stopping set of tits. This puts her more in line with a Marvel superhero like Prof. Xavier; those perfectly evolved mounds of flesh give this British babe the rare ability to control men's minds. They also get her invited to blockbuster movie releases like Batman V Superman, and, if truth be told, they also have the power to get her out of traffic tickets, advance her career and possibly save her from drowning. Call me crazy but, I never thought I'd so desperately want to obtain carnal knowledge from a reality TV star over Wonder Woman; if taking them both on was off the table and I had to pick just one, Ashley James would be my unavoidable decision. Damn those super tits.

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