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Ashley James pops out of her bikini & into a low cut cocktail dress

06.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Ashley James might just be bumping Kimberley Garner out of our top spot for favorite slightly talented, mostly just a hot girl in a bikini from the UK. Ashley is also providing us a taste of what Alexandra Daddario would look like as a blonde and not just that blonde highlights thing they did with her in the second PERCY JACKSON movie. James has a far less scary smile that Alex, although we tend to not see her flash it much since she's a model after all and smiling only causes wrinkles and the perception of a personality. I find it interesting that you can go to Ashley's website and book her for an event, much like it appears was done here at the Atrium Kitchen Launch Party, where I'm guessing there's a chef who will one day appear on a cooking contest for Food Network in order to keep his or her doors open. Because I'm sure that Ashley ain't cheap.
Source: CelebMafia


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