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Ashley James picks a pink number for her usual beach bikini show

10.18.2016by: Droz

If this Ashley James bikini beach walk feels a little like deja vu, don't worry. You're not in The Matrix. She just does this very same thing a lot. Check out her Movie Hotties gallery and you'll see her making her way down many a beach, dressed in all sorts of bikinis and whatnot. Only her choice in beach attire distinguishes one beach walk from another. This time she went with a pink number. The next one might be blue, or red, or purple, or whatever. The colors change, but the girl and her ways stay the same. I wont go so far as to call Ashley a one trick pony. She just likes to do this sort of thing. I can see why. She's good at it. It's a relatively rare thing for anyone to have the sort of body one can strut down a public location dressed in very little and evoke approval from everyone in sight. So I'm sure she's feeling like she needs to make the most of this good fortune she has. We in turn feel like we should make the most out of Ashley making the most out of herself. So we're all getting something out of this. It's a win-win-win.

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