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Ashley James is really putting herself out there

02.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

I think Ashley James recently lost all of her bras in a tragic fire (let 'em burn, let 'em all burn – they're nothing but relics from a bygone era). Every time she makes a public appearance, nowadays, the constricting undergarment is nowhere to be found. More than likely, plain old pride is the root cause of Ashley's newfound pension for showcasing her nipples through transparent materials. She should be proud; after all, those are some flawless-looking breasts she's got there. I too see no reason why such a pair of visually pleasing mounds should be kept concealed. Any fan of beautiful women, beautiful boobs or fine works of art will appreciate Ashley James willingness to share her "gifts" with the world. There are plenty of hotties out there who could learn a lot about generosity from the curvaceous Brit. Now if only she'd show up in a new topless spread for Page 3, the act of a truly magnanimous hottie.

Source: NS4W


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