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Ashley James is back with that bountiful bikini bosom of hers

01.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Earlier in the week, Droz introduced us to the tremendous curves of Ashley James one of the many who have done time on a British reality show called "Made in Chelsea" over in the UK. (Kimberley Garner is also an alum from that show.) In said article, James was compared to the other maven of massive mammaries, our own Made in America babe, Alexandra Daddario. I can see the similarities in the two, what with the big boobs and all but when have we gotten a chance to see Daddario in a bikini outside of a fancy photoshoot? And while I am a fan of the ADad, the smile on Ashley is ten times less fright inducing. As for why January has turned into the month of hotties in bikinis, I can only say that it sure would be nice to have the $$ to go where the skies are sunnier, if only for the infinitely better view... and the bank balance, of course.
Source: Daily Mail


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