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Ashley James in a bikini again? Alright, come on in

06.15.2016by: Droz

There is always a certain percentage of hotties around here who achieve fame mostly by being willing to show off what they got on a regular basis. Ashley James is one of those hotties. They always have the same story. Either they're somebody's ex or some other person's current. That gives them just enough notoriety for the various media outlets to pay attention when they go in their Mykonos vacation, particularly to the time they spend on beaches in bikinis while under constant observation by hired paparazzi. What are you gonna do? Bitch at the hottie with the big tits for making a spectacle of herself for the whole world? Of course not. You do like the rest of us and enjoy the sight of Ashley's various bangable parts. She is replete with them. I'm not surprised she's the highly sought after play thing of English celebrities. She looks like a lot of fun to play with.

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