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Ashley James has something worth flashing under her trench coat

03.16.2017by: Droz

I continue to know Ashley James as the Brit hottie who shows off her tits a lot in public. She may do other things, but you really don't need to know anything more than the description I just gave. If there's something happening in London with Ashley, she's the one who is probably incorporating into that happening a massive amount of cleavage. This time around Ashley is bringing her boobs out for some event in support of Prince Charles' foundation for children. Because if there's one thing most readily associated with the plight of underprivileged kids, it's giant boobs under trench coats. Actually, that works. Motivate those poor little bastards. Show them what they can have if they're ambitious enough and earn a shitload of cash. That's right kids - get rich enough and you too can have your own big titty model like Ashley.

Source: NSFW


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