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Ashley James has become a reliable source for bikini-clad spectacle

01.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

While the North Eastern region of the U.S. was being douched with snow, ice and violent blizzards, Ashley James was flaunting her British boobs on the beaches of Bali for the 2nd week in row. It feels like the whole bloody month of January - this is the forth set of bikini pics to hit the web in that short amount of time. Not that I don't enjoy my frequent drool sessions over her miraculous mounds. I've been an admirer of hers for more than a minute and I still have no idea what she's famous for. Seeing how that doesn't distract my attention away from her beautiful curvatures, it hardly matters. For those of you who feel like you're trapped by a blizzard in Minnie's haberdashery, may I suggest, instead of spending hours discussing deep racial divides, pull up by the fire with your preferred internet browsing device and let this hottie warm your body like a cup of un-poisoned coffee.

Source: Got Celeb


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