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Ashley James gifts us her globes at another gala

05.18.2017by: Droz

What more can I say about Ashley James that hasn't already been said. Girl likes to show off her tits. It's a quality I enjoy in women like her, but it's usually one of those "goes without saying" kinda deals. If Ashley is around, chances are there are the boobs, big and beautiful and popping out like ripe fruit. That's Ashley in a nutshell (I'm doing my best not to make a nutshell joke now). I remain uninformed about what other things Ashley may be up to besides showing off boobs. I know she is involved in deejaying and radio shows of some sort over in the UK. Which is an odd choice. Someone with her natural gifts and inclinations sounds like the perfect fit for TV. Whatever, as long as those tits keep showing, we'll keep posting them. What the hell else are we gonna do?

Source: Hawt Celebs


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