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Ashley Greene wants to clean your filthy drawers, Mister

07.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I feel as if we haven't seen much of Ashley Greene since she first started making waves as one of the Cullen family of vegan vampires in the TWILIGHT series. We used to feature her on every red carpet and special event that the franchise was tied to. Some have fared particularly well since those movies came to an end, namely Anna Kendrick, who had a more minor role. But Ashley looks rightfully annoyed in some of these pictures where she's pretending to clean while using one of those Mr Clean Magic Erasers for something hashtagged as 15MinReno. The dude she's with for the event in New York is Jonathan Scott, some dude from a show called "Property Brothers. I just don't do those renovation shows (Hey! I just caught what the Reno in that hashtag means!) because I'm poor and I don't want to own a shitty little house that I need to fix up. I want to sit in my home on a ratty recliner and yell at the people on "Wheel of Fortune" like a proper American should. 
Source: Daily Mail


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