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Ashley Greene is supernaturally fit in Shape magazine

03.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I feel like we went from talking about Ashley Greene all the time to hardly at all. She certainly was one of the best looking members of the cast of TWILIGHT movie characters, even moreso when she was off-screen than rocking the pale visage on-screen. But her career seems to have floundered a bit since that series wrapped, with lackluster roles in movies that either never got off the ground (the albatross that was GARDEN STATE's unofficial follow-up, WISH I WAS HERE) or never tried to (insert long list of indie movies that no one was interested in - although BURYING THE EX is kinda cute). In the pages of the current issue of Shape magazine, Ashley is showing off that hard body of hers, perhaps to make sure that producers and whatnot understand that she's still ripe for the fluff roles that pay the bills so well. In the meantime, it looks as if she's been successful with some voice-over work as Batgirl in a number of video games. 
Source: Daily Mail


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