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Ashley Graham wore a take notice dress to the GQ Men of the Year Awards

09.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Who doesn't love a considerate hottie? And what's more considerate than a lingerie model who shows up to an event like GQ's Men of the Year Awards with an awesome pair of man's favorite playthings on display? Ashley Graham really took into account what a room full of the world's most desirable men would like to see. Either that, or she's doing her damnedest to bag one of them. You would think – for someone as shallow as myself – Ashley's jangling jugs would be the first thing to grab my attention (those bald doorman, photo bombing many of these images, are certainly getting a look). But I'm being 100% truthful when I say, my eyes always begin at that lovely face – no, seriously. It's the kind of mug you'd get if you spliced Kelly Brook's and Eva Mendes' genes together in an experiment gone terribly right. Something I always take a moment to admire before I get to those mounds.

Source: NS4W


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