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Ashley Graham was like an ocean of hotness at Miss USA

06.06.2016by: Droz

They had the big Miss USA event this weekend, which for me is just another one of those manufactured events no one cares about in the slightest besides the contestants and the media who reports on it like it was news. We have far more interesting opportunities to look at hot women in bikinis around here. One positive about the festivities surrounding this overloaded beauty contest was Ashley Graham on the red carpet in one of her trademark sexy displays. Girl is all kinds of bangable with that unabashed thickness she wears with obvious pride, for which everyone wants to call her brave. Frankly, I'm getting kind of sick of that. You either like the look of her or you don't. If you don't, it's easy enough to avoid her. For those who do like her, she makes it even easier to find her when you want her. For instance, she just showed up on a beach in LA today doing a photo shoot, which I've conveniently posted in the gallery below in addition to her Miss USA pics. I wouldn't call that brave. She's just a person comfortable in her own skin. A better word for that mindset is "rare."

Source: Hawt Celebs


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