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Ashley Graham is working all the angles on an LA bikini photoshoot

03.27.2017by: Cherry Liquor
You wanna call Ashley Graham fat? Fine. It's not as if anyone can stop you. It's also not going to stop those who love her meat from not wanting to see her thickness in a bikini. So here it is, as the paps continue their stalking obsession of her photoshoots, this time in Los Angeles, as she did some work for her own swimsuit line. The angles they got were quite enticing, from the bent over booty shots causing some to curse those railing bars to the leg up crotch shots where you can tell Ashley has noticed the snapping lurkers and given in to their desires to get something good to sell to the tabloids. I think she's gorgeous. Thick and meaty and sure, why not? Even fat. But I would pick this beautiful fat chick with her self-actualization and fun personality over the bony blank stares cookie cutter size 0 chicks who have to spend a lot of some rich bloke's money in order to have tits that don't look like the light switch on your bedroom wall.
Source: Hawt Celebs


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