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Ashley Graham is beside herself with hotness in Cosmo

03.07.2016by: Droz

Ashley Graham's curvy revolution has moved up a rung on the modelling ladder, going from Sports Illustrated to Cosmo, where the busty sensation is literally all over the place with those ample curves. I get how she wants to make things better for women above a certain dress size and I approve of her efforts there. Still, she needs to get a little perspective. All this "change the world" stuff is way too grandiose for what she's up to. Making curvy girls a little more accepted in society will not affect the spread of ISIS or stop the rising sea levels. At best, it's gonna give some thicker girls some modelling work and maybe prompt Ashley to do as many of her slinkier model sisters routinely do and slip out of those fashions she's so keen on modelling. Then it really will be a better world.

Source: Cosmo


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