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Ashley Graham is all smiles and curves for her Swimsuit spread

02.19.2016by: Droz

Ashley Graham SI Swimsuit 2016

It looks like Ashley Graham is having a lot of fun promoting her SI Swimsuit spread. No doubt this is a vindication for her, having fought the good fight for the thicker hotties for some time now. Maybe I'm just biased in her favor, but I can't see what the all sensationalism is for. Sure, she's a lot thicker than most of the models who have come and gone in these swimsuit editions, but it's not like she's unattractive or anything. To me, she looks like any of the other hot models they featured this year, only with 30 extra pounds on her. Ashley's bod is what most of those models would have if they stopped living in the gym and maybe had a burger every once in a while. In other words, Ashley is what all those models are starving themselves trying to avoid. They should relax. I'm not saying every model should look like Ashley, but a nice mix of thick and thin sounds pretty good to me.

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