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Ashley Graham is a handful in this month's Maxim

03.29.2016by: Droz

Ashley Graham has done the increasingly rare feat of making me care about what Maxim magazine does. Time was this magazine's new spreads were the stuff of celebration and fascination, as they somehow convinced the hottest celebs around to strip themselves of most or all of their clothing and have photos taken of the event. Those were good times, but the last few years have seen their influence dwindle sharply. Good to see they're still capable of putting out a few quality spreads from time to time. You can see they went a little Photoshop happy in places with Ashley here, but there's nothing new in Maxim eliminating some excess skin in places. I happen to like Ashley's excess skin though. She's got all kinds of things that look fun to grab hold of and play with, as the lucky guy in the last pic below found out. He must have been lobbying hard for multiple shots and angles on that one.

Source: Maxim


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