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Ashley Graham is a bikinied siren in a behind-the-scenes Miami photoshoot

03.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor
In all fairness, we can't call this a behind-the-scenes set of pictures. These are paparazzi shots creeping on the Miami Keys location that Ashley Graham was doing a bikini photoshoot at. But because Graham is such a hot-button for people complaining about the unhealthy nature of promoting models who aren't a size 0, of course they're stalking her when she's trying to get a little work done. For what? So they can post the pics and point out how much Photoshop is used in the final result? They do that with the women who are super skinny to, getting rid of moles, making their already slender legs even more nonexistent, even airbrushing out their kneecaps or give them two right hands or left feet so it suits the overall concept of the shoot. I'm glad that Graham exists and that she's such a tough broad, taking on the criticism so that in particular, teenage girls who aren't 5'11" with a thigh gap don't have to walk around saying that they're ugly & fat, or feeling as if they have no place in this world or that they lack value because they're not living up to some internet troll's ideal. Shit, I bet that troll doesn't even know what they really want, having so blindly bought into the propaganda they were sold they've ceased to stop and consider what opinion they might make on their own.

So, eat more bread, Ashley. Eat all the bread. And keep doing what you're doing.


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Source: Daily Mail


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