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Ashley Graham has a couple of great selling points for her new book

05.10.2017by: Droz

It's silly what these celebs feel they have to do in order to sell a book nowadays. They show up at the talk show, carrying their book around. Then they exit the talk show, still carrying it. Then they go to the publicity event, continuing to carrying it and showing it prominently. I get it, they're getting a bunch of cash to put out a book. The problem is that there are too many damn books. Everybody who is in any way noteworthy has a book. I'd have a book too if some publishing firm were throwing thousands or sometimes even millions of dollars at me. I'm not blaming them for taking money offered them. Still doesn't make it any less annoying.

You know what makes Ashley Graham's book less annoying? That's right, huge boobs jutting out like vast cliff outcroppings. With those beauties beaming out like headlights in the night, who cares about a dumb book. Large breasts aren't the only things that beam when it comes to Ashley. She is also a legitimately gorgeous woman. Just look at her there, smiling that sweet smile. What a face. What a woman. I never thought myself as the sort who was down for the Amazonian types, but Ashley has converted me.

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