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Ashley Graham gets really weird in her undies for V magazine

02.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Before anyone starts talking shit about how Ashley Graham looks here, I want to point out that while they've done the exact same thing with other, thinner models, the result really was the same. I don't think these pictures from the March issue of V magazine are ugly because of the extra weight that Graham has over her contemporaries, although I'm sure that's what's going to be cited by those who have an unrealistic ideal of women. I think this style of photography is stupid. I think it treats every in the shoot as dolls for the photographer who thinks that he/she should be the next David Lynch but they just can't find the backing. What works in a film doesn't look good in stills. This was poorly executed and just plain lame. The only upside is that the (albeit blurry as all f*ck) Polaroid excerpts from the shoot show Graham in various outfit choices, a few of which are see-through and filled with nipple. So there's at least one good thing out of this.
Source: People


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