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Ashley Graham gets her artsy nude groove on in V Magazine

05.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
You can look at these black & white artsy nudes of Ashley Graham in the current issue of V Magazine a couple of ways. Some will call her bold, fierce, or to put it the way Amy Schumer made fun of it in her Leather Special, "brave," for being bigger than a size 2 and baring all. Or you can think of Ashley as yet another model who feels as if she needs to strip down in order to get attention, which comes off as drearily boring instead of groundbreaking. We've seen shoots like this a million times and the only reason why people are so either happy/angry about it is that we don't get to see this from a larger woman. But does it make it original? Nope. I feel as if I'm one of the only women who loves Ashley and thinks she's gorgeous but at the same time wishes that she would do something that deviates from what is already out there. Not that there are a lot of original ideas anymore, I suppose. Why not film her nude but in glorious color? Perhaps that rosy hue that the original Playboy had? Or even the '90's Hustler magazines where everything looked slicked down with vegetable oil? You don't have to try and rip off Mapplethorpe in order to get people's attention. If anything, you have to do what people aren't expecting you to do. I love this photoshoot but at the same time, I'm still left for wanting.

Source: Huffington Post


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