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Ashley Graham gave all the Oscar winners a real warm reception

03.01.2016by: Droz

The full extent of hotties on hand for the various Oscar after parties continues to gradually make its way onto the interwebs. The latest images of 88th Oscar hotness comes by way of Ashley Graham and her provocative Oscar dress selection. We know Ashley as an advocate of the full figured, but my favorite aspect of her is how much of a slutty show off she can be when she wants to. Yeah, she's not afraid of letting those extreme curves show. Which unfortunately gives her just as much grief as it does pleasure to those of us who love her. Just the other day I hear former SI Swimsuit model Cheryl Tiegs ripping on Ashley for being too fat for Sports Illustrated. Way to take a supportive stance of a SI swimsuit sister, Cheryl. You know what I think? I think people just can't handle the fact that Ashley makes some part of them want to bang a big girl. They can't deal with those urges. So they lash out. Not really at Ashley, but rather their own desires. Kinda the same way closeted people can't stop bitching about gay people. Hey windbags, we can see through your angry fronts. Why don't you just admit that you'd really love to bury your face into Ashley's huge titties and saddle up to that big ass of hers. You'll feel a lot better and so will the rest of us not having to hear your bullshit.

Source: GotCeleb


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