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Ashley Graham celebrating her birthday in Cancun is a gift to everyone

10.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

A selfish hottie would spend her birthday receiving gifts but if you're Ashley Graham, you celebrate 29 years on this earth by giving them – and this photo set is just another in a long line of her gifts to humanity. Here we find the curvaceous glamour model creating images reminiscent of a Bond girl, walking ashore after swimming in crystal clear seawater; and sprawled out on luxurious lounge chairs for an afternoon of tanning and relaxation. Being that her chosen celebration destination was Cancun, Mexico, it's safe to assume this all took place after a night of heavy partying. She doesn't look any worse for the wear, although, the images do look suspiciously professional, leading one to assume they were not the result of in-the-moment photography. My guess is, Ashley has a professional following her around the premises for the duration of her stay. She's working for us even when she's supposed to be at play. That's what I mean when I say Ashley Graham is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

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