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Ashley Graham busts out of bikinis in the 2017 SI Swimsuit

02.15.2017by: Droz

As we know, the push back on the thin models making up the entirety of spreads like the SI Swimsuit editions has been pretty effective in changing their policy over there. No longer do they rely solely on the rock hard bodies for all their bikini-wearing needs. Now they make a point of letting some thickness into the show. I know there are plenty of folks who resent that. They would continue to have a monopoly of zero body fat hotties remain the one and only factor required of those allowed to model within the SI Swimsuit show. Sorry folks, it's a new day and the curvy girls like Ashley Graham are having their say. Me, I'm just fine with it. Ashley comes across like any other model out there. She's beautiful and she pokes out in all the right places. The only difference is that she just pokes out more than others in her line of work. That doesn't sound like a bad thing to me at all.


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