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Ashley Graham brings the best cleavage of the year

12.13.2016by: Droz

If you could calculate the total volume of cleavage the hotties have show off this year, at least half of that total would have to source from Ashley Graham and her always protruding mega rack. Girl has made a point of putting them titties on point at every given opportunity, like this Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year event. You can't forget the rest of her either, which is just insanely thick especially when you get around back, as shown in these pics. While I'm one who immediately understand the good in Ashley, it seems she comes with something of an impossible learning curve for others. I know for a fact Ashley has gotten just as much hate as she has love this year. But even if there are some misguided people who can't see the obvious good in a woman like Ashley, she's always gonna have a fan in this news editor. Girl has nothing but good things to offer me.

Source: NSFW


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