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Ashley Graham and her epic hourglass figure sparkle and shine

03.16.2017by: Droz

It's impressive how Ashley Graham manages to keep such an incredible hourglass shape, taking the whole concept of that figure to incredible new lengths. I don't know if Ashley has this by nature or by design. My lady is not quite as filled out as Ashley, but she enjoys a similar hourglass frame through extensive corset training. I've seen Ashley wearing those before, so she probably knows how effectively they push things around on a woman's body in ways we tend to find arousing. Also, from what I'm told, they provide their wearers with an unexpected sense of gratification somehow. This is odd, because any movie featuring a scene with a female character putting on the corset typically shows them in extreme states of discomfort and misery. Not so in my girl's house. I've seen her vacuum in a corset, do the laundry in a corset, wash a dog in a corset. She frequently lives out an entire day in a corset and is perfectly content to do so. So clearly all the historical movies have been lying to us. Not a big shock there.

Source: GotCeleb


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