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Ashley Benson tried to slip Shay Mitchell a little tongue at Paleyfest

03.27.2017by: Droz

Don't ask me how I know that Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are about to bid adieu to their show Pretty Little Liars after however many seasons. I've never watched an episode of it and have no intentions of doing so now. Somehow or another I saw a trailer indicating it was going off the air. My condolences to you fans of the show who will have to do without it from now on. However, one can still take comfort in the knowledge that the stars of that soon to be defunct show will still be around for some time, showing off the cleavage and wagging tongues at each other like they were on the red carpet for Paleyfest this weekend. Yeah, they're just messing around like two best buddy costars are want to do. Still, the idea of Ashley and Shay and tongues does put a nice set of mental images in one's mind. I think I'll explore the possibilities of that at a later time.

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