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Ashley Benson has a healthy amount of hotness

02.10.2016by: Droz

It's understood that Ashley Benson is one of the finer specimens of hotness walking the streets of Lala Land today. Or rather, it should be. But according to Ashley's accounts in her Health magazine interview, some folks have a problem with women like her, who maintain themselves at a healthy weight. What kind of a dick doesn't understand the best course of action for a hottie like Ashley is to leave her be? The powers that be in Hollywood, apparently. That infamously misguided and misanthropic lot seems to want to force a perfect creature like Ashley to ruin the goodness running throughout her person by making her slim down to a bag of bones. Why they feel that's better, I can't say. A lot of pressure gets put on the ladies to do this though, often to their detriment. I give Ashley credit for not bowing to those pressures. Don't let the man get you down, sister. You stay the beautiful curvy perfection you are. We'll all behind you, checking out that fine ass of yours.

Source: Health


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