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Ashley Benson shows off cleavage, darker hair in Flaunt magazine

11.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Ashley Benson is having a banner babe year, even if the main thing she did was appear in a shitty movie where she spoke no lines. She's rocked major cleavage on the red carpet, shown off her impressive bikini game while on vacation and even done some flat out boob baring in a racy photoshoot for the Find Your California campaign. Now she's showing off the goods again for Flaunt's #144 December issue, going darker with her hair color and giving us ample peeks at her bountiful bosom. She's one of the few actresses I prefer blonde, although she looks great here regardless. With "Pretty Little Liars" finally over, will her role in ELVIS & NIXON feature her as Marilyn Monroe? It's unclear as of yet but a fan can only hope.


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