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Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell are much sexy at MuchMusic Awards

06.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Oh, Canada! While you have failed us by exporting some of the most obnoxious musical "talents," you manage to line up the babes when it comes to your MuchMusic Awards. Year after year there are lovely ladies posing on the red carpet and this year we got to check out two of our favorite on-and-off-screen besties, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell. Both of the "Pretty Little Liars," stars brought something special to their entrance, with Shay showing off more than just a lot of those amazing legs of hers and Ashley upping the bar and including some braless goodness in that baby pink satin gown of hers. Benson is looking a lot sharper here than she has at some other events, both slimmed down and bearing brighter eyes and Mitchell, well, that woman is just glossy perfection no matter where she goes. The girls' other co-star, Lucy Hale, was also on hand, doing some presenting with Gigi Hadid.
Source: Daily Mail


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